Sin Breeds Vulnerability

Genesis 39

Vs. 37: What was it about Joseph that Potiphar’s wife never saw in him all the while Joseph was with her? Because the bible records in Vs. 7 that

…and it came to pass after this thing his master wife cast her eyes upon Joseph.

Potiphar’s wife has been seeing Joseph all the years without taking notice of him. Joseph went into Potiphar’s house as a 17 year old slave looking ruddy and untidy, nothing to interest such a thick madam about Joseph not to talk about enticing her to him. But when the young lad began to grow and gain prominence and favor with both God and man, Potiphar’s wife beheld Joseph just like Eve beheld the tree of good and evil in the garden of Eden and saw that it was good for food.

The preceding verse (vs 6) tells us

….and Joseph was a godly person and well favored.

Just when the lord started lifting the head of Joseph, the devil also took notice of him and sent Potiphar’s wife.

When the devil took notice of Samson, he sent Delilah.

When he took notice of David, he sent lust.

When he took notice of Judas, he sent lust and greed.

Success attracts the enemy!

My dear if you’re praying for success and breakthrough, are you ready to handy the challenges of success?

Solomon success saw to his downfall.

Sometimes its out of mercy that God withholds success and breakthrough from us because it attracts wild animals that may devour you