The Talent

Matt. 24:15-30

Vs. 15-
He gave each according to his abilities.
The implication of this statement is that every man received equal tasks, because to the man who could bear the burden of managing 5 talents, he gave 5. Same goes for the 2 talent and 1 talent. No man was overburdened or under-burdened by this ratio sharing. 
No assignment is small, it is the capacity to undertake bigger task that is lacking. So if you want more task or anointing, enlarge your capacity to accommodate what God is willing to bestow on you.
Vs. 16) The man who received 5 talents went at once and put it into use. This underscores his capacity and what the master saw in him before giving him 5 Talents. He knew that time was of essence. If he must cover more grounds, he must begin immediately. 
This fellow’s share was more than the others combined. He had really labored to build himself and had 62.5% of the talents to himself.
What a capacity!
And when the second man saw him, he was encouraged and followed suit. So the capacity of the first man extends beyond financial management to Leadership and Encouragement. Little wonder 5 out of 8 talents was given to him.
The master indeed saw well!
The Man with One Talent (Matt. 25:18)
But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.
The man with one Talent was not totally empty. He had something he probably didn’t recognize. He had strength, enough to dig the ground. He had sense enough to rap the Talent in a napkin before hiding it in the ground. Otherwise, he would have kept the money in a safe somewhere in the house or better still, kept it under his bed. It would still be safe.
I tell you, he had energy, both mental and physical, but never used that in the positive. If he had used that energy to go to the bank and deposited the talent, he would have gotten an interest, no matter how small. But he had a fundamental problem which is an innate hatred for the Master, yet he called him LORD
It is possible to hate the Master (Jesus) and yet call him LORD. You can hate the Master and yet be in his service, raise your hands in worship and even sing “Oh, how I love Jesus” with tears in your eyes.
But God is not man. He can not be deceived.  There’s just one litmus test to show that you love the Lord:
Do you keep his commands? For Jesus tells us in Jn. 14:15 “If you love me, keep my commands.
Forget about this religious and spiritual outward appearance, when last did you obey the Lord?
Many of us show our hatred towards Him by the way we behave.
You may ask, how am I disobeying God, and by implication, hating him? These questions will help you answer that.
  • Where is the Talent the Lord gave to you? Is it buried or in use?
  • When last did you serve God with the talent he gave to you?
  • If the Lord meets you in service today, will he say “well done my good and faithful servant” or will he despise service?
  • What quality of service am I rending to the Lord? Can I render such in my business or to my Governor?
  • When last did I obey the scripture?
These questions will help you know if you’re in the right course.
The good news is that the Master will return. He will return to settle accounts with us. Will he recommend your good work or will he cast you out as a wicked and lazy servant?
To him who have more, more will be added to him (vs. 29). Having more is an indication of enlarged capacity, more capacity will be added. 
To him who have nothing, even the one he has will be taken away from him. This means that there’s nobody who has nothing. To every man, he gave according to his ability. So there’s an ability in everyone and you have to respond to that ability. That is what is called RESPONSI-BILITY.
Put into use that which you have before it is taken away from you.