Matthew Chapter 13

In describing the parable of the sower;

Vs.4: Some fell along the path. The path was not a prepared place for the seed to be sown, but anyways, the seed still fell along that path and of course was picked up by birds because it was not ready to receive the seed

Vs. 5: Some that fell on the rocky places sure sprang up but didn’t follow the right procedure in growth, it died and grew downwards first.

It takes time to grow downwards, searching for water and nutrient. But the seed on rocky grounds growing downward, met a challenge and sprang up immediately. Little did it know that it has set itself up for the scorching heat of the sun and so it died. It died not because it didn’t grow down, but because it never grew deep enough to have a strong root.

Vs. 7: when the seed fell among thorns they were obviously no danger. The thorns were probably little weeds that looked harmless and negligible. But with time it grew up and gained more ground than the seed itself, thus chocking it up. There may be little foxes in your life, that looks harmless and negligible, if you don’t deal with them now, a time will come when it will chock up what the lord is doing in your life.  Deal with the little foxes that spoils the vine now.

Understanding the scripture is about the amount of light that enters you when you hear the word of God and not about the eloquence