This sermon was preached by Dr. Jeff Okorie on 26th Jan 2020

The power to save a soul does not lie in the schemes of any man because it’s a spiritual deal. It lies in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. When we come to win souls with the scheme of man, we produce men and women whose faith is based on man’s wisdom.

Having established the above the task of soul-winning, it still requires skills and strategies…it doesn’t just come upon a man like that, there is making to it, and the strategies involved are highlighted below.

  • GO: Nothing happens by anyone sitting down. Until you open your mouth, somebody’s salvation is stuck in you.
  • Preach only the gospel of the kingdom, don’t preach sentimental judgments.
  • Bring the Gospel of peace
  • Be dynamic in your preaching, connect with your listener
  • Make the gospel attractive
  • Begin a conversation

Form great partnerships with people you can form synergies wit

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