Stepping Out of Limitations

This message was preached by Evang. Nnamdi Idoko on the 6th of December, 2019 during the 6-days of prophetic prayers. The summary of the message is as shown:

When humanity works with divinity, limitations are removed. Encounters remove limitations and there are 4 basic steps out of limitation

  1. You must step out of Horeb, your comfort zone – Deut. 1:6. Till you step out of Horeb, you cannot drink of the milk of Cannan
  2. You must work in to revelation – Eph. 1:15. It is your connection to revelation that gives you an impartation.
  3. You must encounter light through the word – Ps. 119:30. The height of your impact is at the mercy of the light from the word you’ve obtained.
  4. You must be connected to access. this is the empowerment to enter and exit a place unhindered …

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