Genesis 38

Genesis 38 tells us the story of Judah and her daughter in-law, Tamar. Judah as a king has a signet ring, a bracelet and a staff, all signifying his authority as a king but what he did not have was self-control.

In verse 12-19, he couldn’t control his urge and went into Tamar and in exchange, gave her his symbol of authority (without which he cannot rule in Israel).

Judah exchanged his life of kingship for a 15-minute of enjoyment. What a great price! He thought he was having fun, what he didn’t know is that he was mortgaging his future.

In verse 23 when he couldn’t find Tamar to collect back his symbol of authority, he made a very pitiable statement “…let het take it to herself, lest we be ashamed”.


In a bid to protect his own ego and preserve his respect, he refused to seek his authority that a woman took away from him. He paraded himself as a king, but he had no authority, he just had the title but he was totally empty.


This is the same thing the enemy does to a lot of us. In a bid to preserve our self-worth, we refuse to answer alter call, we refuses to open up to people ahead of us, because they hold you in high esteem. In a bid to preserve her ego, a sister’s fellowship leadership who became pregnant out of wedlock decides to abort the baby. The devil has deceived a lot of us and taken our authority as Christians, leaving us with dancing, singing and empty tongues.


How I wish Judah knew better! How I wish Judah knew that sin grows and when it has fully grown, it can never be concealed again.

In 3-month time, evidence of the 15-minutes with Tamar came to reality. This time, it could no longer be hidden.

From verse 24-26, Tamar revealed that Judah was responsible for her pregnancy.

King Judah?

Brother Judah?

The overzealous brother? It can’t be!

How can that be? That spiritual brother? Is that possible. Yes, it is.

And the very shame that Judah was running away from, was magnified.

The shame was no longer between him and Tamar, this time around, the elders of the city were around, the whole community have gathered to watch Tamar been burnt to death as a punishment of lewdness, but no, that is the day the devil choose to disgrace Judah and on a larger scale.

My dear sin grows. That sin you refuse to deal with, that homosexual and lesbian tendencies, lust you’ve   have refused to submit to someone ahead of you because you think they will be disappointed.

That baby you aborted because you didn’t want to face the shame of carrying a baby as a fellowship sister, listen, that will fish you out.

The devil may allow you to get away with that now, but he is waiting for you to climb to stardom, when your fall will be colossal and also not just to you but also to the body of Christ.

David thought he could conceal his sin with Bathsheba and get a way with it.

Esau thought he could trade his birthright for a portage and still have it back.

Judas Iscariot thought he could get away with his lust for money but we saw that none of them got away with it.

My dear sin matures and whoever conceal his sin shall not prosper but whoever confess and renounces it shall find mercy (Prov. 28:13).

We have one that is faithful and just forgive us our sin no matter how dark it may be.

Don’t hold back your sin, allow the shame now and be free from it ever, JESUS STILL CARE FOR YOU.