He is Risen
What Do You See

A story is told about Peter, John and Mary on the day Jesus rose from the dead. This story is contained in John 21: 1-17. In this passage, Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’s tomb and saw it empty. In utter confusion, she ran back to tell the disciples about the strange event. 
Peter and John on hearing this, took to flight and John outran Peter, arriving the tomb before him. Standing outside, he bent over the tomb, looked and saw the stripes of napkin with which Jesus was wrapped. 
Some minutes later, Peter arrived at the tomb, but not satisfied with bending over to look inside, he entered the tomb and he saw the napkin and in addition, the burial clothes. In fact, he took note of how the napkin was carefully packed and arranged.
After this the duo left but Mary remained at the tomb she had bent over the tomb (seen the napkin), entered the tomb (seen the napkin and the burial cloth) but she was not satisfied
She tarried in the tomb crying to see her Jesus and just then, she bent over again and saw two angels. But that was not what she wanted. She insisted and kept longing for her Jesus. Her cry was
“I want to see my Jesus”
and at the nick of time, Jesus showed up to Mary.
Her hunger was satisfied and her thirst quenched when she saw Jesus. She was the first to see him and when she saw him, she received an instruction.
Is it not surprising that a woman who was not necessarily part of Jesus’s ministry, who never had any promise from Jesus, will be the first to see Jesus? 
Friends, when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus in Easter, what do you see? Many of us are witness the resurrection from outside the tomb, bending over just to see the tomb without going inside. Others have taken a step further to go into the tomb and see for themselves but they are yet a people that are not satisfied with that.
They’ve gone past just entering to waiting in his presence. Today is a good time to wait in God’s presence for Jeremiah 29:13 tells us that
you I’ll find him when you seek him with all your heart.
Don’t be satisfied being a passive Christian insist on seeing Jesus today.