The Sermon was preached by the Chaplain, Rev. Ifeanyichukwu Agu

Text: Psalm 115:15-16

God has committed the earth to the Children of men and thus whatever he does is through men on earth.

For you to fulfill your destiny, you need the contributions of other humans.


  1. Opportunity to learn: Numbers 11:28

Joshua had an interpersonal relationship with Moses and thus he was groomed for leadership on this platform

Helps to equip:1 Timothy 1:2

The relationship between Paul and timothy equipped him

  • Learn life lessons: Esther 2:10

Esther listened to Mordecai and didn’t disclose her nationality as that would have been an opposition to her reign as queen.

  • There are individuals God has placed on your path that would be relevant in what God would be making of you. It was in the prison yard Joseph was connected to Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer.


  1. Law of Impermanence: 1 Samuel 2

We must not relate to anyone based on what we can see now. Because of God factor, nothing can be permanent

  • Law of Goodness: It pays to be good. Every opportunity that God has given us, we must utilize it to be good to be people and be a blessing to them.
  • Law of the Almighty: Never play God. We must never ascribe to ourselves the power to do wrong and go scot-free.
  • Law of the Bridge: 2 Samuel 9:1. Build bridges for future relationships. Opportunities come your way to build bridges and you can either maximize it or mar it. It was Jonathan’s relationship with David that counted for his household when he was no more.

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