This message was preached by Dr. Chidi Udeze on 19th of January 2020

Key text: Acts 11: 19-24

What evidence showed that the people were won? They turned away completely from that which they were engaged in before, to serve the true God (vs 21) If a belief is coming from the heart, it must affect the actions. There can’t be a dichotomy between a man’s faith and his actions. We can’t say we’ve believed this same gospel the Apostles did when there are still idols in our hearts that take our devotion more than the place of God. Souls are not yet won completely until they are followed up to become mature Christians. Cleaving to the Lord is what must take place after one has wholeheartedly come to him.

The Soul Winners

Soul-winning is not a one-time thing…it should become a lifestyle. Preaching the Gospel is the distinguishing factor among true Christians. Am I a preacher of the Gospel? If my mouth is closed, so many will end up in hell. If I keep quiet in that class, where I find myself..then I’ll be held responsible for the Souls of those who perish. The Love I have for God is directly proportional to the souls I’ve won for him. What is it that makes one take the business of soul-winning as a personal one?

What is the Connection between Soul winners and the Soul’s won? It is Prayer! The work of soul-winning is a work of recreation that can be done only by God. It is by prayer that God draws the heart of soul’s that’ll be won. So, I must be ready to engage him in the place of Prayer.


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