Our Community

Together We Stand Stronger

Chapel of Redemption is a Christian family that seeks God in spirit and in truth. Although made up of mainly worshipers from Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian, but our services are structured to accommodate people of all denominations.

To keep us on track, we have a common vision and mission and we pursue these with all that the Lord has made available to us; spiritual gifts, elders, youths


To win souls and raise disciples for Christ in the church and society.


1. To win souls and to raise disciples for Christ

2To raise a generation of heavenly minded and uncompromising Christians without borders who can influence the society for Christ

3. To raise Christian Professionals who are committed to bringing transformation within their professions and society through godliness and integrity

4. To be a caring and mentoring worshiping community

Men's Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship is a gathering of all Men of the Chapel of Redemption. Her membership extends to unmarried men and it is to encourage them to learn from men who have gone ahead of them.

In men’s fellowship, our vision is to raise Godly men who will represent Christ in their home and the society at large.

Women's Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship is a gathering of all Women of the Chapel of Redemption. 

The vision of the Women’s fellowship is to raise Godly Women who will represent Christ in their home and the society at large.

Youth's Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship is a gathering of youths and students of Chapel of Redemption, UNEC and they meet every Tuesday by 5 pm to encourage themselves in the word of God.

The Youth Fellowship is a very interesting place to be and fellowship with people of like minds. You should join us this week to have a taste of the joy we share together.

Children Ministry

The Children Ministry is the children arm of the Church where Children are taught the ways of the lord in the early stage of their lives and nurtured to be young men and women of purpose.

They meet every Sundays and Saturday at the Chapel of Redemption Basement

Work In The Lord's Vineyard

Get active in the church by serving the lord with your substance. We have a lot of units where you can fit in perfectly well and work for the lord. Make a choice from the list of options available below.