Are You A Son?

Matt. 26 vs 13

… sit while I to go and pray (Matthew 26 vs 13)

At Gethsemane, Jesus separated he chaff from the wheat to a group of his disciples, he told them to sit and wait for him. This ones, were to play around, chat, discuss while waiting for their master didn’t want to burden them with any responsibility.

To another Group; James, John, Peter he decided to show his burden (vs 38) saying “…my heart is overwhelmed, stay here and keep watch with me”. This are the group that understood the heartbeat of the father and inner caucus of Jesus

Jesus could share his burden with them because he trust them with their capacity. And it was not a partial judgement to have gone further with the trio, it was their level of commitment to the work of the Lord.

Years later, these trio distinguished themselves in the work of the lord and were the most prominent of the disciples. James was the first of the disciple that had the honor of dying for the master. The church was founded upon the Peter and he was more like the head of the church. John had the deepened revelation of eternity and was able to write the deep things of the book of revelation. He was the only disciple that was not killed.

Who remembers the others?

Can the lord trust you with his burden? Are you a son in the kingdom or just a child?