The Feast

Matthew 22 vs 11-12

The king (God) organised a banquet and opened it up to the public. But that’s not without a qualification, you must be dressed on a wedding garment. That salvation is open to all doesn’t mean that salvation is without standard. The least you can have is a change of garment into a wedding attire.


But a man thinks he could manoeuvre his way into the banquet. This he did successfully, scaling through the eyes of the gatekeepers (ministers of the gospel) and sat at a strategic position where his garment may not be noticed. The gatekeepers were not attentive to details. They were more concerned about church attendance, more concerned about the size of the offering than the garments of the man.


The man was given a wonderful seat in the church and ordained an elder because he contributed to the building of the church. Yes, he bought the church a generator, a fourteen-seaters Horace bus. But God looks far beyond that because the Lord searches the heart rather than the outward appearance. The heart of man is the candle of the Lord with which He searches the inward part of a man. Under the scouting of the eyes of he Lord, nothing is hidden. Notice that the guest was not naked or dressed in rags, he was wearing some sort of garments(religion) that makes him look acceptable. He was putting up with many activities that makes him look Godly and pions, always on time to church, gives to the church and less-privileged and perform other religious activities. He has done many things in the name of the Lord, but the searchlight of God caught his improper dressing.


Lord, but the Lord doesn’t know him because Jesus walks among the lambstand to know every man’s work.

And when the king found him, he asked him a question that we should all ask ourselves.


“How did you survive this long in the presence of God without your wedding clothes.” And it behoves on the minister of the Gospel to look inward. How do it that sinners have survived the atmosphere of Jehovah for years and not just that, have taken up critical positions in the church without being noticed that they are not properly dressed? Or could it be that the fire at the alter have gone out? Could it be that the Shekinah glory have departed (Ichabond)?


And to you who have been on the wrong garment for years. How did you survive? How did you still dress wrongly inspite of the brotherly love shown you, the messages you’ve heard, the atmosphere of the presence of God? How did you find your way into the gathering of believer and comfortably call yourself one when you are far from the truth? How are you practicing a religion without love? How do you cope with putting up with a form of Godliness and denying the power thereof? This calls for a re-evaluation, because the king is coming. He is coming to take stock of his flock and to separate the dogs and the sheep.


That day, all you’ve done for the body will not matter. All that will matter is your wedding garment. I pray you don’t miss that wedding banquet. I pray you not cast into darkness after being called a brother, after being the bible study secretary, after your tonguing in the holy ghost. The king is always searching because many are called but few are chosen. Why not be among the chosen.