GENESIS 27 vs 40b

In the mist of the curses surrounding Esau he had just one possibility to break free, to be restless. In the day you become restless, you will break from your brother’s yoke vs 40. So his freedom was actually in his hands. It was up to him to break free from the yoke or remain where he is. Many years down the line he met with his brothers Jacob. He apparently looked far better than his bother.

The enemy will hold you captive to the addiction of that little fox till the day you grow restless. The devil is not afraid of your tonguing or your anointing, he has more in his captivity. He is afraid of you growing restless because he know that the day you do, he loses you completely.

Esau looked far better than his brother. He compared himself to Jacob, and thought “o boy, this blessing no work o’’. because he had more men (400 of them), had more children (he married before Jacob), had many cows and cattle. In short his father’s blessing didn’t work, he thought.

But there is more to that. Esau was judging based on the now. God was looking at the future, the seeds of Abraham. A potential to start a fresh work with humanity. That was why Esau wasn’t free and there was no desire to break free. God saw this afar of and said “Esau I have hate, Jacob I have loved”, even before the duo was born.

Esau’s prosperity ended with him, God continued with the children of Jacob even when Jacob was no more.

Today the Edomites (descendants of Esau) have been completely obliterated from the surface of the earth and that location is called Jordan.

But Israel has endured till date even after everything done to obliterate this people from world history. There are very few nations that have maintained their name from bible times. The few of them are Egypt, Ethiopia and Libya. Great nations like Babylon the mother of all nations, Tyre and Sidon, the great merchant have all been swept away by the wind of time. But a nation far weaker than these other nations have survived the times. All they had was a promise and a blessing.

Go for the blessing!

Become restless today!