Anointing for Next Level

COR Sunday Service
Ven. Dr. Moses Omeke
Anointing for next level

The devil has 3 Strategies in testing Job, and indeed, every Believer:

Pollution (Mind, Soul and the Spirit): he made Job believe that God has deserted you and that God doesn’t care about him. Some pollutants of the Spirit man are Pride – this makes a man have an innate tendency to compete with God and assume God’s grace as your labour. Bitterness– This is akin to murder. This is the seed of murder. Anxiety, Stubbornness: this is like the sin of witchcraft. Unforgiveness.

Manipulation: In Job 2:9, the devil came to Job by manipulation through his wife. He creates frustration around a Christian and manipulates him to think that there is no solution and brings a suggestion that the only way out is to Die. In Job 2:10, Job immediate discovered that Satan was in the manipulation and rebuked the woman. May your heart never be yielded to the manipulations of the enemy

Manipulations occur in two levels:
1) Manipulation of the mind. The devil runs a man’s life from the outside. That’s hypnotism and it is prevalent in the church.
The next level is moving beyond this manipulation of the enemy

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